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IV Open Call for EX Experimental New Media Art Prize

EX, electronic and experimental art association, and Urvanity Art Fair

present the

IV Open Call for the “EX” Experimental New Media Art Prize

(spanish below)

EX’s experimental New Media Art Prize and open call reaches its forth edition, and comes with significant news and recognition. First of all, we are very thankful for the support of Madrid’s State Government to EX’s previous call and prize. Our application to Madrid State’s cultural non-profit grant program was selected, which has meant a big deal, and encouraged us to keep working with great commitment and enthusiasm. This program supports initiatives related to dance, music, visual arts, theatre, cinema, and fashion.

Secondly, we are honored to present the 4th open call and prize at Urvanity New Contemporary Art Fair. This collaboration is based on a shared aim to build synergies with various local cultural actors, as well as inspired by a long tradition of intersections between Media Art and the urban context. From seminal Drive-In Music by Max Neuhaus in 1967, to Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s interactive installations in the public space, electronic art has developed its own space for reflection and production. This goal to open up to the urban landscape has crystalized in important advances in the contemporary art field. Urban and electronic art questioning of White Box’s predominance in assigning meaning, has allowed not only to reach out to new audiences but also to offer new environments of encounter between the artistic and the social sphere. As a result of this collaboration and in addition to all eligible media, this year’s open call and prize will specially take into consideration those works conceived as public interventions.

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Fallo del Jurado III Convocatoria y Premio EX de arte electrónico experimental

Fallo del Jurado de la III Convocatoria y Premio EX de arte electrónico experimental

A 10 de enero de 2017

Este jurado EXquisito, formado por  Paulina Bebecka, Nilo Casares, Jaime Lavagne, Arturo Moya Villén y Gerardo Zavarce, para fallar el

III Premio EX de arte electrónico experimental

fruto de la III Convocatoria de arte electrónico y experimental, organizada por EX, patrocinada por Arts Connection y en colaboración con JustMAD JustMAD 8, se reúne en línea a deshoras, aunque encantados por la buena acogida de la convocatoria EX tanto por los países representados, que abarcan un espectro muy amplio, cuanto por la calidad de las obras concurrentes, de menor espectro ya que supone una media muy alta, para:


el Premio en metálico EX de arte electrónico experimental, dotado con dos mil quinientos (2.500) euros, a la obra Far and Near, You and Me de Ting Zhang (República Popular China); porque consigue transformar la magia de los encuentros a distancia en algo tan real como irreales terminan siendo.

El Premio residencia Arts Connection, a la obra Image Don’t Cost a Thing de Iliyana Kancheva (Bulgaria); por devolvernos el juego del espejito, espejito; dime quién es la más bella, a su estadio anterior analógico, el del foto-matón, único lugar en el que encontrar de guardia al hombre invisible.

Para su exposición en Just Tech 17, también selecciona:

La obra Último esfuerzo rural III, de Bosch & Simons (España) por su capacidad para sujetar de manera digital a una cacharrería arcaica que no parece dejarse gobernar por esos bytes recién llegados.

La obra Hourglass de Andrei Thomaz (Brasil), porque frena el vértigo con que ahora ya no vemos nada, para que dejemos de mirar a prisa, y pararnos a ver.

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III Open Call and EX Prizes for Experimental New Media Art



III Open Call and EX Prizes for Experimental New Media Art

EX, asociación de arte electrónico y experimental

JUSTMAD7, emerging art fair and

Arts Connection Foundation

present the

III Open Call and “EX” Prizes for Experimental New Media Art

(en castellano más abajo)

Due to the encouraging results viewed in the former two open calls and driven by the commitment expressed by JUSTMAD art fair on their support of electronic art and specially of our association, we make this third call which intends to outgrow the development and innovations settled in the first two. This time with the invaluable sponsorship of Arts Connections Foundation.

We are working towards “normalizing” New Media Art and making it available, on a regular basis on the existing art spaces in Spain. The prior calls and prizes were a complete success both from the point of view of the quality and quantity presented, as for the impact that this art obtained in JustMad 6 and 7. In 2016, JustMad was atended by 25,000 visitors and welcomed 50 galleries from around the globe. Media coverage also reached a high point with hundreds of articles on the press as well as on important TV programs. Thanks to this repercussion EX was invited to participate from november 29 to december 5, on the 10th edition of Pinta Miami – a contemporary fair satelite of ArtBasel – and one of the most important art fairs of iberoamerica.

As a result of the collaboration between EX and JustMAD, EX will also curate a complete section devoted entirely to electronic art within JustMAD8.

This year’s call will offer two prizes, sponsored generously by Arts Connection foundation, in its long support to New Media Art. A 2500 € cash prize and a Residency to be developed at  Arts Connection Foundation spaces at Miami.

The terms of the Residency include:

  • Round-trip airplane ticket
  • One month residency
  • 1000 € for subsistence allowance
  • Access to wifi and audio and video devices
  • Presentation at Miami New Media Festival
  • Personal exhibition at Arts ConnectionFoundation spaces.

The winning works will be exhibited at the New Media section.

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